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GWJ Economic Development Services and Consulting

Deal Structuring - Project Management - Consulting

Consulting Services in Michigan | Deal Structuring, Project Management & Construction - deal-structuring

Deal Structuring

GWJ, LLC provides a full suite of real estate development services necessary to fulfill the goals and objectives of your land-based strategic plans in order to deliver success. During the pre-development phase, we work closely with our client to develop a viable concept, cost estimates and a feasibility/investment analysis that can be marketed jointly to investors, lenders and others.

We can work with you to:

  • Define & analyze current status of new or existing projects
  • Assist with stakeholder/ community identification & engagement, if applicable
  • Establish project goals and objectives for implementation or project restructuring

Consulting Services in Michigan | Deal Structuring, Project Management & Construction - project-management

Project Management

Our full service approach also lends assistance to our clients with closing, pre-construction, construction, and property management.

We can work with you to manage the following activities:

  • Developing and implementing district plan
  • Undertaking pre-development activities
  • Designing, engineering, financing and implementing infrastructure, new construction, and rehabilitation projects
  • Designing, implementing, and financing complicated construction projects

Consulting Services in Michigan | Deal Structuring, Project Management & Construction - consulting


GWJ’s principals have over 70 years of combined experience in economic development, real estate, finance and construction. We have all the skills necessary to advise on, develop, construct and manage a wide range of development, real estate and construction projects.

Why work with us: We are an experienced, Detroit-based, minority-owned business. Local and minority participation in projects is not just an advantage, but in certain cases required or encouraged by our clients in all sectors. 

Unlike many of our competitors, GWJ staffs these projects with its principals and not associates. 

We Bring it All Together to Get Your Project Done

Strategic Planning Services

  • Analyze project status
  • Assist with stakeholder engagement
  • Establish project goals and objectives

Pre-Development Services

  • Governmental liaison services
  • Procure professional services
  • Explore financing options

Pre-Construction Services

  • Procure professional services
  • Provide project management services

Closing Services

  • Manage the real estate and financial closing process

Construction Services

  • Secure permits
  • Perform contract administration
  • Perform construction coordination

Post Construction Services

  • Secure final approvals
  • Secure final as-built drawings
  • Secure certificates of occupancy
  • Hire and commission property management services